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Summer Camp 23 July 2022

To celebrate our 5th birthday and 50 years of Pride (UK) we are hosting the world's first ever Pride in Lacrosse Summer Camp.

The day will be split into coaching, playing and learning sessions to improve or build your lacorsse skills, play competitievly with players of similar skill level, and hear from experts on EDI in sport.

Pride in Mixed Lacrosse


We have a team of expert coaches to provide energetic, impactful sessions that will help you develop your skills for experienced players and grow new lacrosse skills for beginner players.

The day is split into 3 coaching sessions:

  1. Men's Rules Defense, Mixed, Attack

  2. Women's Rules Defense, Mixed, Attack

  3. MXD Rules Defense, Mixed, Attack

You can pick and choose which sessions to attend to have your own unique Camp experience.



If you've never picked up a lacrosse stick, then welcome to the most fun sport there is (well we think so...) We have coaching sessions just for beginners to supprot and help you through all stages of the game. 

We will introduce you to the basics of the game, teach you how to pass, pick up and score. You will then play a few beginners games to try out your new skills.

This will be a fantastic day to try a new sport and make new friends.

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We have two fantastic speakers who will provide 30 minute sessions on key issues and considerations for EDI in sport.

Morning Keynote: LGBTQIA inclusion in sport, exploring how we can do more to impact change.

Afternoon Keynote: Mental Health and Sport, a session focussed on the role sport has on improve our wellbeing.

Pride in Lacrosse Summer Camp 2022: Players
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23 July 2022 09:30 - 17:30

Brandles School
Weston Way,


Nearest train station: Baldock (direct from London, Cambridge)

There is ample parking at the pitches, directly accessible from the A1M and A505


There is a large Tesco 5 minutes from the pitches.

There will be shared shower and changing facilities available.

Pride in Lacrosse Summer Camp 2022: Welcome
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