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Play lacrosse the Rainbow way

It's nearly the weekend which means MATC


As we are a touring team there is no joining fee or subs to pay. Tournament fees are on a pay-per play basis, to join the Rainbow Rexes just use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

We play in a variety of tournaments, friendlies and exhibition games across the UK. Each squad is different per fixture to make sure everyone gets pitch time. There will be associated entry fees and players will need to cover their own travel costs.


The Rainbow Rexes should be a friendly, welcoming and safe place for everyone, provided they extend that same courtesy to others. Rainbow Rexes Lacrosse takes a zero-tolerance policy to all discriminatory behaviour and language, including language or behaviour that is misogynistic, queerphobic (including homophobic and transphobic), ableist, fatphobic, racist and white supremacist, classist, intolerant of religion, whether in its intent or effects. Rainbow Rexes players will conduct themselves with disciplined and sporting behaviour, and treat teammates and opposition with kindness and respect. We expect our players to respect the authority of match officials, and abide by the decisions of coaches and captains. Players can be asked to leave matches and training, and their involvement in the club reviewed if they breach this agreement.



As we are a touring team we don't host training. Instead we recommend you join a local club - we have a list of UK wide clubs with Rainbow Rex players so you can meet a friendly face when you play.


We often have a social after tournaments local to where we have played. We are also looking to collaborate with other lacrosse clubs and LGBTQ+ sports teams to host friendly tournaments, social and Pride activites.

On Wednesdays we wear rainbow... ._._🌈?
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