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Membership Fees

Membership Fees


The Rainbow Rexes have had a fantastic first few years, with the club growing international and fighting the LGBT fight everywhere. In order to keep going, we need a more steady and predictable income. This can help us budget for events and campaigns throughout the year, and make things bigger and better for years to come.


We don’t want to lump members with a £100+ membership fee to pay in one go - this isn’t fair for members that can only join us for a couple events a year. Instead, we’re continuing with game/tournament fees to cover the costs of those events, and asking for a £30 membership fee to be paid once a year in Summer (deadline tbc).


We’re still ironing out the details, but essentially you need to complete the form at the end of this post to let us know you’re joining us as a member, and we’ll then contact you with details on how to pay. You can also opt in to pay it forward. We want the club to be accessible to all, so if you’d like, you can pay a bit extra to go into a pot to help cover memberships fees (or travel/games fees) for those who maybe don’t have the money at the moment to cover those costs. If someone does want to get involved but doesn’t have the money, get in touch with any committee member you feel comfortable with and we can organise some assistance!


The income for these membership fees will go towards a few different places, and we’ll be able to report back on exactly where we’ve spent those funds at the AGM at the end of the year. All of the income will get invested right back into the club, so our members will feel the benefits. We’re going to use these funds to pay for things like photographers, club development opportunities, and also cover general overheads and club equipment. We’ve constructed a handy pie chart breaking down our general plan for the fees with this post.


Those who pay memberships will get a discount on club stash and kit. If someone doesn’t have a membership wishes to buy kit, they will be able to do so at full price. In order for individuals to come to our games and tournaments, they must have a membership. That being said, if someone wishes to give us a go, but isn’t sure about committing, they’re welcome to join us for a game to see if they feel comfortable in the club before buying the membership.


Got any questions? Drop Ed, Nick or Charlie a message. Ready to

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