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Season Update 2022/23

Welcome to your 2022/23 Season Update. In it you'll find some key links and updates for the upcoming season including:

  • Membership

  • Playing kit

  • Events & Fixtures

  • Committee vacancies

  • Code of Conduct


A season's membership for the Rainbow Rexes is GBP 30 Sep-Sep inclusive, with options to pay it forward to help other LGBTQIA athletes access lacrosse, more info here. Our membership fees allows us to:

  1. Run our website, including the Welfare Hub

  2. Provide travel bursaries to all our fixtures and events, helping get as many Rainbows into lacrosse as possible

  3. Subsidise the cost of our Pride in Lacrosse Camp that gives everyone a chance to play lacrosse the Rainbow way

  4. Provide umpiring and refereeing bursaries to help LGBTQIA athletes develop careers in lacrosse

What you get:

  1. A discount on all playing kit

  2. Eligibility to apply for any of our travel and training bursaries

  3. Priority selection for tournaments with squad caps eg Bath 8's and Blues

  4. The wonderful feeling of knowing you have helped both the LGBTQIA and Lacrosse community

Events and Fixtures

To fit in around club playing seasons the Rainbows will be focussing on tournament play throughout the summer. Our events vary but these include: The Imperial Cup (April) Bluesfest (June) Pride Camp (July) Bath 8's (September) In February 2023 we are looking to host a big Rainbow Rex Social celebration, to celebrate five years of the Rexes! February is also LGBTQIA History Month and we hope this will be a lovely kick off to our season. Think dinner, dancing and dressing up in fancy clothes, plus some long overdue Club Awards! This is likely to be in Birmingham as a midpoint for our members. More details to follow, but if you are interested in coming, please let us know by registering below

Playing Kit

Many of you have been admiring our luxurious and timeless playing kit, we will be opening a kit order in October. Prior to this we will be conducting an all club playing number confirmation - any existing players will need to confirm they want to keep their number or it will be eligible for others to purchase. Your captains will be in touch to sort this.

Join the Committee

We need people to join the committee and help us keep doing the incredible work of the Rainbows. In particular, we need support with:

  • Web and Social Media

  • Club Management

  • Kit and Stash management

We also want to know if you think there is something else we should be doing (and help us do it). Contact any of the Committee to chat about any of the roles.

Code of Conduct

The Rainbow Rexes should be a friendly, welcoming and safe place for everyone, provided they extend that same courtesy to others. Rainbow Rexes Lacrosse takes a zero-tolerance policy to all discriminatory behaviour and language, including language or behaviour that is misogynistic, queerphobic (including homophobic and transphobic), ableist, fatphobic, racist and white supremacist, classist, intolerant of religion, whether in its intent or effects. Rainbow Rexes players will conduct themselves with disciplined and sporting behaviour, and treat teammates and opposition with kindness and respect. We expect our players to respect the authority of match officials, and abide by the decisions of coaches and captains. Players can be asked to leave matches and training, and their involvement in the club reviewed if they breach this agreement. We have saved our members and players’ Code of Conduct here. Any Rainbow Rex player, official or supporter will be expected to adhere to this Code.

As always, thank you to everyone who made 2021/22 such a phenomenal season and here’s to another!

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