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The Rainbow Rex Ally Network

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Coronavirus has had an impact on lacrosse in a number of ways; through rule changes, additional procedures around matches and socially distanced pictures! Yet, we count ourselves as lucky that our sport is allowed to continue and bring people together in the way we know it can. However, due to the current situation with COVID, the Rainbow Rexes have suffered as we enjoy many friendlies with other teams. All of our fixtures are used to raise awareness of LGBT+ inclusion in sport and we are determined to continue as much as possible.

From Left: Tom Porter (Nuneaton), Nick Howlett (Camden Capybaras), Ferg Slade (Leicester)

We have created a network of lacrosse clubs that are allies of the Rainbow Rexes and support our cause. The aim here is to provide a list of clubs to our members so that they know they can join one of our ally teams and they will find support to play the game that we all love!

You can see the full list of clubs here:

Rainbow Rexes Ally List - Sheet1 (4)
Download PDF • 68KB


The Specifics

We currently have 20+ clubs ( and counting!) signed up to be part of our ally network. These clubs are currently based around the UK and include both Men’s and Women’s teams. Each club has a Rainbow Rex Liaison associated with it to ensure that our players have support when starting in the new team. This liaison will act as both a point of contact for our player and support them getting used to a new club

Here are some of the teams already involved!

The Rainbow Rexes are still trying to organise as many friendlies as possible but this approach will hopefully give the members of the Rexes the playing time that they deserve knowing there’s a friendly face at the club!

How to get involved

If you are a member of the Rainbow Rexes and want access to the list then join the Rainbow Rexes group on Facebook and look out for the upcoming post!

If you are a club who wants to be involved then please reach out to us on either Instagram, Facebook or email.

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