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The Rainbow Rex Family Newsletter

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

We are starting our own holiday tradition and sending out an end of year message to all our players, members, fans and friends to keep you joyful and up to date with all things Rainbow Rexy during the festive season.

From Wellbeing tips, to social plans and lacrosse activities to do - we have you covered.


We know for various reasons many of you will be isolated from family and friends so we have a few things to help you get through those long winter nights:

  1. Daily Drop in Sessions - bring a coffee, a beer, or just yourself and join us in our Facebook Room for a chat everyday from midday 23-30 Jan

  2. Check out this list of organisations who can help with more specific support from mental health to LGBTQ issues.

  3. The Outside Project is a London based LGBTQIA community center and has great resources and networks for you to use


Whilst it might be online, nothing will stop our fun! Join us on 29th December for an all singing, dancing, cyber end of year blowout hosted by our Mistress of Ceremonies, Sophie Baker. Sign up via FB / Instagram


Why not use this time to set yourself a little fitness goal, here's President Edmund Connolly's super speedy core work out that you can do at home with no equipment:

Time - 15-20 mins, you'll need a towel, water, a lacrosse ball and some tunes:

  1. 60-120 second Forward Plank - arms shoulder width apart, forearms flat down on the towel, legs not wide than your hips - if you find this hard widen your legs a bit

  2. 12-24 Raised leg crunches - raise your legs at the hip with bent knees and cross your ankles, crunch up making sure you do it in a smooth motion, curling all your vertebrae off the towel and back again - if you find this hard pop your legs down on the towel

  3. 2 x 45-90 second Side Planks - try to keep your hips raised so your body is a nice smooth line - if this is easy raising higher until you have your arm extended

  4. 12-24 pressups - angle your arms to do tricep pushups if you prefer

  5. 24 - 48 cyclists - in a held crunch position, put your hands on the side of your head with your elbows forward, crunch up and slightly twist so your right elbow touches your left knee, and back, then repeat left elbow to right knee

  6. 12-24 fruitbowl passes - lying on your back,keep your legs together and raise them from the hip to about 30 so you feel a clench in your lower core. Hold this position and throw the lacrosse ball up in the air with one hand and catch with the other, repeat until you've done your reps.

  7. 120 second heel touches - Lying on your back, bend your legs up at the knee and keep your feet planted to make a right angle triangle, keep your glutes grounded and stretched from your core to touch your right ankle with your right hand, then left with left and repeat

  8. 5 min stretch out

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