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The Slow Return to Lacrosse: ELA's CV-19 guidance 05 2020

With agonising steps, more pitious yet determined than Frodo's as he stumbles, lizard like up the slopes of Mount Doom we are seeing the proverbial light at the end of the virus riddled tunnel.

As the world recovers from the catastrophic and tragic impact of CV-19 we can dare to look to a future where we can see loved ones, venture into the great unknown and get back to lacrosse.

Below is a summary of guidance provided by the ELA on what to expect of the next few months.

ELA CV-19 Guidance


ELA has established a task force led by Jane Powell [ ] who is principal POC for all CV-19 governance and policy - get in touch with any queries or concerns.

They have created a 4 Phase trajectory to BaU and currently estimate we are in Phase 3 - with outdoor training for groups of 6 or less being permissable.

Leading advice is to follow the policies and recommendations from Public Health England

It is highly probable lacrosse will return for the 2020/21 season with some amended rules or formats, this may be the removal of contact from men’s, distance marking (similar to netball) or mandatory guards on men’s grills etc.

As lacrosse is not a professional sport in the UK it will not be eligible for the DCMS return to training guidance.

For Players

  1. Training is permitted in groups of <6 respecting 2 meter distance (ie 2 stick lengths)

  2. ELA will be uploading an ‘intention to train’ form that you should complete if you mean to train so they can monitor the pick up of lacrosse during CV-19

  3. Don’t share equipment, water bottles etc (why ever would you...nasty)

For Clubs

  1. Going forwards club first aid kits will require PPE - given the shortage and limitations on access to these we recommend you only start sourcing these once clear season dates have been expressed.

  2. There has been no guidance on whether ELA membership will start in September or not

For Coaches

  1. ELA have created a Risk Matrix with a CV-19 specific stream as well as a Venue Checklist for you to use to show due diligence and safeguarding measures have been adhered to. They will be shared here

  2. A series of infographics like this are being developed that you may wish to use at school or similar.

Quite Simply: See your pals safely, enjoy lax safely, wash your hands!

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