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Pride 2020 aka the Covid Sagas

We have had a pretty incredible Pride so far. We have hosted 1 cyber Pride so far and have another planned to coincide for one year away from Brighton Pride 2021. In addition, we've been in the news a lot - appearing in the Independent and on Pride in Sport

President Edmund Connolly and Women's Captain Tilly Powell were interviewed by the Independent on our upcoming Pride antics, discussing how we would bring the rainbow debauchery online in this time of Covid.

"For the lacrosse team the Rainbow Rexes, the postponement of Pride in London and the effect the pandemic had on Pride Month on the whole made them feel “pretty devastated”. Described as the “world’s first LGBTQA inclusive lacrosse team”, the club quickly decided they wanted to celebrate Pride in any way they could.

“Pride is an integral part of our year, our celebration and our lives,” says Ed Connolly, club president. “We are a global movement and family, so London Pride dates aren’t what we focus on, but the entire summer as a Pride season.”

Throughout Pride Month, members of the club have been taking part in interviews and podcasts to ensure that members of the LGBT+ community can learn about them. “We want our message to spread that we are a safe space for individuals to feel supported in these difficult times, even if we can only do that online for the time being,” stated Tilly Powell, women’s captain.

The club has also been providing a network of support for the members of its three teams, including holding Zoom socials. This was particularly important on Mother’s and Father’s Day, Connolly explains, as the days “can be very painful for many of our players who are ostracised or actively face hate from their own parents”.

The club is hoping to organise activities for its team during Pride including an online lip sync and Pride carnival outfit competition, in addition to holding a vote to elect its new committee for the upcoming lacrosse season. “We are voting in our new committee on Pride, as they represent Pride for us,” Connolly says."

You can read the full article here

We also became the first ever lacrosse club featured on Pride Sports talking about our club, our ethos and (scarily) our vision for the future.

Edmund was asked what the goal for the clube was and he rambled this:

"Lacrosse is a brilliant sport that you can enjoy in so many different ways and we want everyone to love is as much as we do. Our club is for anyone, from our fresh beginners to our international stars and we don't want anyone to be excluded. We want to be the club for inclusive, quality and enjoyable lacrosse."

You can read the full article here

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