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New Season - Who Dis? 2023/24

"When I found out the patriarchy wasn't about [dinosaurs], I lost interest anyway." Ken, Barbie 2023

What a summer eh, starting out with our 4th Imperial Cup win, Men’s and Women’s rules storming the tournaments at Bluesfest and Bath 8’s and our lil Pride game and social, welcoming new people to lacrosse.

This is your bumper email of goodies for this quarter, scroll on for rainbow treats. Amy and Ed xo

BECOME A RAINBOW The Rainbow Rexes are one of the fastest growing lacrosse communities in the world and we want to continue growing exponentially! We would love to invite anyone and everyone who wishes to become a member.

Membership of the Rainbows gives you amazing things like:

  1. A Discount on all playing kit and stash (instantly!)

  2. Eligibility to apply for one of four £15 travel bursaries for any of our fixtures and socials

  3. Eligibility to apply for a full or partial officiating bursary to help you get qualified as a ref or coach

  4. Grow the warm and wonderful work we do supporting LGBTQ+ lacrossers around the world

With these funds we can:

  1. Continue to run our website that is the first point of call for LGBTQ+ athletes trying to find us

  2. Continue to develop and grow our Welfare Hub focussed at supporting LGBTQ+ athletes

  3. Provide bursaries and minimal cost tournament entry fees to get as many of our Rainbows on the pitch as possible.

Membership is £30 with options to Pay It Forwards or Pay What You Can. Membership runs Sep - Sep inclusive


  1. Writing beautiful communications like this

  2. Managing our fire Instagram account

  3. Helping the committee with any formal communications / notices to the ELA, EuroLax, WLA, funders etc

  4. Engaging with other queer sports societies & engaging with current affairs in queer sports

Stash Manager

  1. Managing the setup of our stash shop with LaxLounge

  2. Helping design non play kit items (lounge wear etc) - photoshops skills would be ideal

  3. Helping launch our stash shop Pride 2024

KIT ORDERS Returning players have priority on their numbers, we will then allocate numbers based on your three preferences. Orders close 10 October - your order form and cash must both be in. Order your kit here ↗︎

What Next Lacrosse season has begun, so our Rainbows scatter and do their dino magic at local clubs. We have a network of Ally Clubs that have rainbows representing, get in touch and we can introduce you to help you find your perfect fit.

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