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Lacrosse Leadership, our new mentoring programme!

Ok, Covid may have ruined our season, but we are still busy. In collaboration with our pals at the European Lacrosse Federation we have funded the world's first positive action programme for Lacrosse Leadership (catchy).

The programme is a pilot designed to give members of the lacrosse world from BAME and LGBTQI+ communities training, development and opportunities they may not be able to find elsewhere.

This programme was founded by us with the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) who have given us a generous grant to support the attendees on the programme.

The scheme gives you a chance to develop in coaching, umpiring and lacrosse governance with the European Lacrosse Federation, Camden Capybaras Men’s Lacrosse Club and Central London Lacrosse Club.

Lacrosse can and will be a welcoming sport for all. There should be no reason for anyone to be unable to get ahead in the sport.

It is essential we as a community, as a family and as a team support one another to improve the game.

You can find more information on the programme here

The Application form is here

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